Encompass Consumer Connect® Goes Live Monday, July 20th

As a reminder, LenderSelect is transitioning away from Loan Center and moving to Encompass Consumer Connect® for signing and uploading documents.

What can you expect?

Simply put, Encompass Consumer Connect® helps you keep your borrowers informed, up-to-date and confident throughout the loan process.

This new platform offers a simpler, more transparent and engaging experience for your borrowers when signing and uploading documents.

A few of the many benefits that you can expect are:

  • Direct integration with Encompass
  • Built-in security and compliance
  • Seamless document uploading and eSigning
  • Mobile responsive design

Resources to Explore:

What’s happening to Loan Center?

Encompass has a planned obsolescence date of July 31st, which means that after that date there are no plans to support the Loan Center platform.

Any loans created prior to the update, will process through Loan Center until they have closed. Any new loans created on Monday, July 20th will process through Encompass Consumer Connect®.


Although you should not experience much of a change in your workflow on July 20th or later, please reach out to your Account Executive with any questions, or contact LenderSelect Support for assistance.