Congratulations, Jayda Roberts!

Jayda Roberts

We get quite the boost of inspiration when we see members of our team rise to new challenges in order to help provide better experiences for our clients and their borrowers. Having such invaluable insight and understanding with regard to our core business is instrumental in our success and helps us realize the version of LSMG we are working hard to create.

As such, we are VERY excited to announce Jayda Roberts’ promotion to Systems Analyst. Her previous role as Communications Director played a key role on the team that laid the groundwork for how we communicate policies and procedures, how we nurture both internal and external relationships and how we provide responsive client support.

Please join us in congratulating Jayda and wishing her well in her new role!


Getting to Know Jayda

Jayda joined the LSMG team as Communications Director in August 2015 and has since advanced through progressively more responsibility over these past 5 years, whether planning annual Lender Summit events for clients or simply providing guidance on internal and external communications. She has been pivotal throughout our transition to the Blue Ridge Bank family and has used that experience to support our clients’ navigation of new systems and technology with an incredible understanding of needs.

Her distant background as a social worker provided the foundation for finding her knack for relationship building and jumping head-first into the role of point person for the LOS consulting team provided the platform for her to discover her ability to succinctly convey needs as they relate to systems and processes.

She finds the most satisfaction at LSMG having the support system that provides opportunities to learn new skills and take on new roles. As a single mother of a very opinionated 9-year old girl, she believes that having that support and putting in the required hard work enables her to provide a strong, female role model for her daughter. Admittedly, she also loves when the success of a project is apparent through appreciation from teammates or clients, and the work she does is able to provide more clarity or an overall better experience. She loves making peoples jobs easier, plain and simple.

As Jayda moves forward with her new role, her next steps are Project Management Certifications and Encompass Administrator Certifications. These achievements will undoubtedly bring tremendous value to LSMG, and although she believes she’s fortunate to be a part of a team of smart, like-minded people, the rest of us can say with confidence that, no, we’re the lucky ones.

Congrats, Jayda!