Webinar Recording: Road to Mortgage Success: 1003 Application Review & Risk Mitigation Analysis | Part 1

If you missed or are interested in re-watching the “Road to Mortgage Success | Part 1” webinar hosted on January 22, we wanted to share the recording with you. Once you click the link, you will be prompted to add your contact information then it will take you to the recording.

Taking an accurate and complete mortgage application is the first step to ensuring a successful and timely mortgage origination. In this webinar, LenderSelect’s Lending and Training team will perform a detailed analysis of the mortgage application process to understand how to identify and mitigate challenges early on and navigate to success. The team will be reviewing the first two pages of the 1003 to include but not limited to:

  • Evaluating a borrower’s personal and financial information • Title and ownership
  • Impact of varying combinations of borrowers / applicants 
  • Credit reporting
  • Varying types of applications (in person vs. online)

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