Webinar Recording: Compensation Strategies for Loan Officers That You Need to Know

If you missed or are interested in re-watching the “Compensation Strategies for Loan Officers That You Need to Know” webinar hosted on March 21, we wanted to share the recording with you. Once you click the link, you will be prompted to add your contact information then it will take you to the recording.

A new year has just begun – is your financial institution delivering the quantity of mortgage loans you anticipated? It is important to review your compensation plan to ensure it is aligned with your financial institution’s mortgage goals. Making the decision to adjust compensation toward bringing in new business rather than waiting for clients to come in can lead to a big reward for both the individual loan officer and your business as a whole. In this presentation, we will discuss loan officer compensation strategies to help drive increased production. The following points will be discussed:

  • Inspecting what you expect
  • Commission vs. salary
  • Types of compensation
  • How to write a compensation plan
  • Breakdown of an effective compensation plan for a manager and loan officer

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