Webinar Recording: Aligning the Pieces of the Mortgage Appraisal Puzzle

If you missed or are interested in re-watching the “Aligning the Pieces of the Mortgage Appraisal Puzzle” webinar hosted on April 24, we wanted to share the recording with you. Once you click the link, you will be prompted to add your contact information then it will take you to the recording

The appraisal is a fundamental piece of the mortgage process – it can be a defining factor that makes or breaks a potential closed loan. In this webinar, LenderSelect’s Lending and Training team will review the challenges and ins and outs of interpreting appraisals, including the following details:

  • Understanding comparables and how the appraiser arrived at the home’s value
  • Specific details that affect property value
  • How different loan types can affect appraisal requirements
  • Disputing an appraisal

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