LSMG Celebrates our 10 Year Anniversary!

February 9, 2022

On August 1st, 2011, Member Select Mortgage was born.

It started as a two-person operation, at Joe’s Inn Bar and Grill; no kidding. Without an office, website, and marketing materials, we built our relationships with credit unions very quickly. In 2014, we started working with Community Banks, and LenderSelect Mortgage Group was on its way. From these humble beginnings, we now lend for over 150 Financial Institutions and service more than 1.7 Billion annually.

We’ve seen many changes over these years. But the one constant is the relationship that we have together as a team. Are there disagreements? Sure, but we realize that success is relative; Relative to the times we fall, are the times we stand again. Relentlessly we seek out the win, the better way to make a difference, together as a team.

LSMG, you are my brothers and sisters, my family. Happy 10th Anniversary!

-Tracy Marks, CEO of LenderSelect Mortgage Group

Empowering Community Lenders.


Main Office
1700 Lincoln St. Suite 2900
Denver, CO 80203
(888) 256-6067

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