Webinar Recording: Mortgage Processing: Assets, Liabilities & Income Analysis and Risk Mitigation

If you missed or are interested in re-watching the “Mortgage Processing: Assets, Liabilities & Income Analysis and Risk Mitigation” webinar hosted on May 21, we wanted to share the recording with you. Once you click the link, you will be prompted to add your contact information then it will take you to the recording

When it comes to reviewing a borrower’s credit and finances, it is important to pinpoint every detail, small and large, that can complete a clear picture of the loan file for an underwriter when working to satisfy conditions and obtain a clear to close. The processor’s function is to work with the borrower, loan officer and/or third parties to obtain the conditions required to meet full approval. Early review and identification of red flags by the processor helps streamline the process and eliminate potential delays. In this webinar, LenderSelect’s Lending and Training team will highlight the pertinent information that a loan processor will analyze and review, including:

  • All assets, including bank accounts, money trends, income details
  • Comparing assets to liabilities on borrower’s credit report, inquiries & history
  • Identifying financial patterns that require further explanation, large deposits, etc
  • Reviewing automated underwriting findings (AUS) and additional stipulations to be satisfied
  • Managing expectations with borrowers based on required/provided documentation

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